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End Credits have stopped

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Jul. 16th, 2005 | 01:52 am

Since when was making a movie all about a guarantee on your product? Who decided that a movie no longer was open to failure, but a sure shot on a friday night?

When did movie goers stop caring that Directors and Writers no longer cared to even try a new idea? Remaking blockbusters is a guaranteed way to see some return.

Can't the story, idea, and message of a movie, no matter how specific, broad, deep, or suttle, can't THAT be the main reason for the effort? Why does it have to take second chair to the next cash desposit?

Are we, the average movie fan, so dumb and stupid that we can't see through the smoke screne? We are the same people who laugh hysterically when the fishing line reflects in the light, when Godzilla falls down and looks amazingly similar to our old action figures. We can find the slightest defect in any creative effort, yet you still ask "why are they remaking all these movies"


How many times have you seen a remake in the past week, month, YEAR!?

Too many times. How many "original" idea movies have you watched in that time? The ratio is getting to be FAR too un balanced.

If Michaelangelo's sistine chapel was "remade" do you think we'd have the image of God and Man touching at the finger tip? Or the pope smacking the abortion doctors and gay marriage proponents with his pope hat? Sadly, I think God and Man connecting would be removed, and an image that spoke one side's truth would be placed instead.

So many times I hear "I wish they could remake that, to make it better". How much better can it be? Obviously you like it enough that you'd like to see millions spent on it....again. So why is it so terrible that it requires a redo?

From the Kindergarten to the Graduate School, we are taught to RE DO it. Make it better. Climb all the way to the top. Be the best. Be second to NONE! Yet our society could become better 30 times over, and not come CLOSE to being what it needs to be.

You can remake Godzilla for a billion years, it's still not going to be a real lizard, that is 100000x normal size, and going balistic on a town. It's ALWAYS going to be the creation of some guy and his camera. So what if the "special effects" are horrible and that car was obviously a hot wheel? IT'S A MOVIE! Not a documentary!

If you want reality, go walk the streets at night. That's real. If you want peachy clean reality go to a theater at night.

Tell me which one you like more. Guarantee you need a ticket to get into yours.

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